I just recently got Spotify. Its Pretty amazing, you can:

• Stream music

• Listen to your own music

• Make playlists

• Do other stuff…

• And TBH I really like it.

The one thing I really like about it is that it’s not a substitute for iTunes or Windows Media Player, it’s another program with parts from both programs. It takes your whole library for iTunes and other places round your computer, puts Album Artwork on them (only in Spotify), and as you are searching for songs to stream, it tells you if you have the song or not in your library. I haven’t found a way to buy songs yet though. But I probs wouldn’t buy any anyway :P. The one annoying thing is that if you don’t have Facebook then you can’t use it and it automatically posts on Facebook what you are playing. But there is a way to turn that off.

You can get it here