Moving The House


Taking concrete and wood out on the edges and putting logs in.
The logs are for making the hill straight so they can put yellow supports up.
Cutting off stairs at front. Guy has safety boots on but when jackhammering has no earmuffs or goggles.
The put logs on the yellow supports so that they don’t damage the house and so they have more touching the house.
Yellow supports start to go up and man is chain sawing some stumps.
Guy is cutting off metal lots of sparks and stairs fall down.

Yellow supports fully up and house is off the ground.

Truck starts to back up drive way.

Has a bit of trouble and cars start to come and hav to wait for ages to come past.

We go down to the drive way and figure out that the trailers wheels can go up and down and turnaround like the front ones.

The trailer finally comes up and they figure out that the truck is to big and can’t fit through the right spot and they have to cut down our tree.

They put a cable from another truck onto the trailer so it doesnt fall down.

The trailer starts to go under the house.

It goes fully under and we figure out that the metal poles are to make the house stable.

They get the house on the trailer and star to go back and forward for ages.

They finally get out and go back and forward again.

They figur out that the power lines are gona break some stuff on the house so jared goes up to fix it.

He stays up and moves the power lines with a stick so that stuff he couldn’t bend or break off would go over.

The house is up the top so i guess they take it off.


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